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medical tourism services in Turkey

Medical Tourism Services

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Medical Tourism Services is a medical travel company based in Turkey.
For us, 360-degree service is a mindset, not a program. At the center of this mindset is your health and happiness.

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Steps To Your Health

Under the MTS assurance we can provide the doctors and hospitals for all your treatments, we arrange your to trip and stay in Istanbul to have your operation and treated at the most affordable price.

For more detailed information please fill this form or check our contact page.

Health Services

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Our Specialties

Under the MTS assurance we can provide the doctors and hospitals for all your treatments, we arrange your to trip and stay in Istanbul to have your operation and treated at the most affordable price.

For more detailed information please fill this form or check our contact page.

Cardiovascular Treatment
Mini By-Pass Surgery 

Cardiovascular treatment

Cardiovascular disease is a major health problem in the world. More than 32% of people die from cardiovascular disease. Methods of minimally invasive surgery have taken the place of classical operations, narrow specialization and special surgical instruments have positive effects on surgical treatment, allowing the patient to maintain the integrity of the chest and minimize postoperative period.

Orthopedic Treatment
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Orthopedik treatment

Minimally invasive spinal surgery, called MISS in English medical terminology, is the most painless, outpatient surgery performed through a 6mm incision without stitches, blood loss and tissue damage. This operation covers the main areas of spinal surgery, such as degeneration of the intervertebral disc, stenosis of the lumbar spinal canal and others.

Dental Treatment
Hollywood Smile

Dental treatment

Turkey is one of the most popular countries for dental medicine tourism. The reason for this is the latest equipment and high-quality dental materials. Dentists with long-term training and international practice carry out all the necessary procedures including digital modeling, placement of ALL on Four prostheses, implants and the installation of EMAX (CEREC) veneers.


Thanks to digital modeling technology and CAD / CAM, patients receive world-class treatment and all related services for their stay in Turkey.

Plastic Surgery
Rhinoseptoplasty Surgery

rhinoplasty surgery

Rhinoplasty is one of the most demanded operations today, which is performed by ENT doctors with plastic surgery practice. This operation will not only restore the appearance, improve any deformities and plan the most suitable aesthetic form, but also eliminate breathing problems, sinus inflammation and deviation of the nasal septum.


To do this, you just need to send a form for a second medical opinion and get advice from certified doctors, find out about services and other details that interest you.

Eye Surgery
Cataract Treatment

Eye surgery

Cataract is one of the most common ophthalmic diseases associated with certain factors and age. Patients over 40 are advised to carry out diagnostics since cataract symptoms appear by the age of 60.


Today, all interested patients can receive cataract treatment in modern clinics from professional doctors, get advice and arrange a trip abroad for an operation and installation of smart intraocular lenses to improve vision.

Bariatric Surgery
Minimally Invasive Obesity Surgery 

Weight - Lost Bariatric surgery

Today, patients who have problems of excess weight and cannot lose weight while following a diet, innovative methods and world surgeons in the field of bariatric surgery successfully perform operations in Turkey. Minimally invasive surgery will reduce hospitalization, rehabilitation and cure diseases associated with obesity, such as type 2 diabetes.


By contacting us for consultation, you can get a medical program and the cost of the procedure with a full range of services, accommodation and support.

Obstetric and Gynecology
Robotic Surgery for Endometrial Cancer

Endometrial Cancer treatment

Endometrial cancer is initially treated with surgery. Patients learn about polyps with heavy bleeding, unstable and heavy bleeding during menstruation and after menopause. The minimally invasive surgical method for treating endometrial cancer allows patients in the early stages of the disease to be cured 100 percent.


Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are used depending on the pathological conclusion and the stage of the disease.

Treatment of Brain Tumor


Treatment of a brain tumor depends on the volume, stage and characteristics of the tumor, which influences the rate of cancer treatment. Cancer treatment has progressed significantly in the world.


The latest drugs for immunotherapy, chemotherapy, the latest generation of equipment for radiotherapy and radio-surgery allow patients to receive not only a good prognosis, but also modern treatment methods at the level of Western and American clinics.

Hair Transplantation
Organic Method

Top view of a men's head with a receding

Hair transplantation is one of the most popular procedures in the world. It is not uncommon for people who suffer from hair loss to consider hair transplant clinics in their home and other countries of the world.

New hair transplantation techniques using stem cells are helping patients with advanced androgynous alopecia to achieve a more organic result and a faster rehabilitation process.

Robotic (Da Vinci) Radical Prostatectomy


Robot-assisted radical prostatectomy is the main method of treating prostate cancer, a minimally invasive surgical method using the latest robotic devices allows a specialized urologist to perform a more unique and accurate operation, which will allow patients in a short time return to everyday life, retain urine early in rehabilitation, and reduce hospitalizations and complications during surgery.


Turkey is one of the leaders in the field of robotic-assisted surgery with experienced surgeons, hospitalization and the provision of the necessary services.

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