Prof. Dr. Berrin Pehlivan

Date of Birth: 22.12.1976
Place of Birth: Samsun/Turkey
Languages: Turkish, French, English

Prof. Dr. Berrin Pehlivan is a graduate of Hacettepe University’s School of Medicine. Having taken an interest in the field of oncology after being personally affected by cancer in the family, Pehlivan decided to study Radiation Oncology at Boston University, where she carried out her placement. After completing her residency in radiation oncology at Hacettepe University, she spent many years working overseas.

Pehlivan constantly improves her knowledge in the field by researching the use of global technologies in the fight against cancer, and between 2004 and 2009 took part in many scientific studies in France and Switzerland. Continuing her work at the European Cancerology Program in France, Lausanne University’s Department of Radiation Oncology, the Paul Scherrer Institute Center for Proton Therapy in Villigen, Switzerland, and the Proton Therapy Center in Orsay, France, Pehlivan then returned to Turkey to share her first-hand experience in her home country.

After further research at Başkent University, Akdeniz University’s School of Medicine, and the Memorial Health Group, she established the Radiation Oncology Department at Medstar Antalya Hospital.

Pehlivan has been responsible for many articles, scientific publications and projects in the national and international arena. Until the end of 2018, she worked on research programs at Medical Park Bahçelievler Hospital, Medical Park Göztepe Hospital, and Altınbaş University. Prof. Dr. Berrin Pehlivan currently trains doctors of the future, working as a faculty member of Bahçeşehir University, and continues her work at her private practice.


She is the author of a book on her specialization entitled 50 Soruda Kanser (Cancer in 50 Questions).

1993-2000    Hacettepe University, Faculty of Medicine, Ankara/Turkey
1999    Boston University Radiation Oncology Departement, Boston/USA
2001-2004    Hacettepe University, Faculty of Medicine Radiation Oncology Departement, Ankara/Turkey
2004-2005    D.U.E.R.C.C. ‘Diplome Universitaire Europeen de Recherche Clinique en Cancérologie’, Institut Gustave- Roussy, Paris/France
2005-2006    ‘Diploma Universitaire de Radiobiologie’, Institut Gustave-Roussy, Paris / France
2006-2007    Fellowship, University Hospital of Lausanne, Radiation Oncology Departement, Lausanne/Switzerland
2007-2008    ‘Visiting Scientist’, Paul Scherrer Institute, Proton therapy Center, Villigen/Switzerland
2008-2009    ‘Visiting Scientist’ Orsay Protontherapy Center, Orsay/France
2009-2010    Assistant. Prof., University of Baskent, Adana/Turkey
2010-2012    Assistant. Prof., University of Akdeniz, Antalya/Turkey
2012-2017  Associated Prof, Memorial Health Group, Medstar Antalya Hospital, Antalya/Turkey

Treatment of Brain Tumor

Prof. Dr.  Berrin PEHLİVAN

Treatment of brain tumor

Methods to treat brain tumors can be listed as radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgical treatment, radio-surgery, thermotherapy, tumor treating fields (TTF) and immunotherapy. Treatment methods differentiated according to brain tumor type, volume and the other similar factors. If in the body occurred primary cancer and spread in relation to the brain it called secondary brain cancer. It would be convenient to apply different treatment methods to tumors of different origin that metastasize to the brain.