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History, culture, fun and shopping!

What do you think about to discover a charming city with it’s 8500 years historical wealth ?

A boat trip in Bosphorus, a visit of Emperial Palaces, mystrious stories of Hagia Sofia or a romantic and recreational visit to Princes Islands.


Either shoping at the modern and impressive shoping malls with full of woldwide famous brands or ancient Grand Bazaar with feeling the authentic atmospher of Istanbul


We are pleased to welcome you with gethering unique tresures of Istanbul during your visit. We provide you to collect unforgetable memories while you’re regaing your health.


Istanbul helps you to become healthier soon. 

Istanbul the capital of Turkey, eastern

Istanbul City Tour

(Full Day)

Hagia Sophia interior at Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul City Tour

(Half Day)


Bosphorus Tour

(Night or Day: 4 Hours)

Street of Burgazada island with wooden house

Princes Islands Tour

(Full Day)


Shopping Tour

(Full Day)

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