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MT Ambassador Program


Medical tourism is one of fastest growing healthcare services. Healthcare companies, facilitators, doctors, travel bloggers and professionals involved in tourism sector already started to be a part of medical tourism thanks to global opportunities and informational flow.


Medical tourism sector itself combined service, healthcare and tourism areas together which creates a great opportunity to be involved in each part and help to deliver most suitable and great options of medical journeys by trusted word of ambassador marketing.

We brings solutions for both, help medical tourism to grow by providing standardized and qualified medical services and share them with patients worldwide to raise awareness of today’s way of healthcare and tailor suited services. To provide great opportunities together we want to create strong and long-term relationship with ambassadors and business companies to produce better international impact in medicine and have the opportunity to grow together.

Advantages of cooperation with Medical Tourism Services:
- Special ambassador code to receive services
- Special discounts for you and your community
- Marketing and sales profit %
- Support with marketing materials
- Participation in online organizations

Minimum Requirements:
- Have interrelations with medical tourism sector
- Have minimum 1.000 followers or subscribers
- Building organic interaction on healthcare topics

* To participate in the program for Ambassadors, Companies, Medical Professionals and SM Influencers, PLEASE FILL THE FORM or contact us directly.


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Suadiye Mah. Kurudere Sok.
No:37/2 Kadıköy - Istanbul / TURKEY

Office :+90 542 486 48 90


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