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Prof. Dr. Ertan Babalik

Cardiology - Interventionalist


Language: Turkish, English

Erhan Babalik, MD, Professor , in Cardiology, Interventionalist

Dr.Erhan Babalik graduated from Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty in 1992. He had degree of Specialty in Cardiovascular Medicine in 1997 at the Istanbul University, Institute of Cardiology. He has been working especially for interventional cardiology practice, and has around 40.000 operation/cases experience since 1997.


He focused on coronary vessel interventions, and especially most risky patients (multi-vessel coronary occlusions, bifurcation occlusions, total occlusions, main vessel occlusions etc.) occupied his most of practice. He has been using radial artery (wrist artery) as access route since the year 2007 for all patients both for diagnostic angiography and therapeutic interventional procedures (stenting, rotational atherectomy, balloon angioplasty procedures etc.). He has also large experience for patients with non-coronary vessel occlusions (carotid artery, renal-kidney artery, limb vessel (ilio-femoral arteries) occlusions).

He had degree of Associate Professor in Cardiology in 2004. He worked as teacher for Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty, and for Near East University Medical Faculty in Northern Cyprus, in years between 2004 and 2016. He had degree of professor in Cardiology in 2012.

He has also experience in patients with valvular heart diseases. He followed Dr.Alain Crebier in Rouen, France, for the procedures of TAVI. In current practice TAVI procedures have been succeeded without general anesthesia by the facilitation of intracardiac echocardiography. 


Dr. Erhan Babalik works for all cardiac interventional procedures in Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital, one of the most high-tech Hospitals in Turkey.