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Health and Spa



Spa is a place for health and personal treatments and well-being. Water usually plays an essential part, with hot and cold pools and tubs.


There are often different kinds of massages and skin treatments available. A huge array of modern spa centres and luxury hotels also mean Turkey is the perfect place for health and wellness holidays to suit all tastes and budgets.


It is recommendable to start a spa treatment with warm muscles and a hot body, which will increase the effectiveness of many spa treatments. Work up a sweat or spend some time in a steam bath or sauna. Do not shower right after treatment.


Most spa treatments use products which are meant to stay in the skin for several hours. For more detailed information please fill the form or check our contact page.





Come and plan your spa getaway in Turkey. Most of spa resorts are located on the Mediterranean coast, especially called the Turkish Riviera, Antalya and environs, particularly Kemer, Belek, Side and Manavgat.


These are followed by the Aegean coast resorts located in summer holiday towns like Bodrum and Cesme. Cesme is a historic and traditional spa town, has the extra advantage of having thermal water springs that can be used in balneo therapeutic applications as well as thalasso therapeutic ones.


Marmara coast is the other spa center of Turkey, there are lots of luxury resorts in Istanbul, Balikesir and Sakarya.




The ancient Romans discovered the therapeutic powers of Turkey's many thermal springs. Turkey offers the ultimate relaxation and spa experience, reflecting its unique geological and historic make up where over 1000 thermal springs abound and where the traditional Turkish hammam and massage treatments have been perfected over thousands of years.


Turkey has over one thousand thermal springs, scattered throughout western Anatolia. The spa holiday with its pampering and its health and beauty treatments may seem like a relatively new phenomenon, but the health-giving properties of Turkey's natural springs have been renowned since antiquity. The Romans were well aware of the therapeutic powers of thermal springs and mineral waters, building the ancient city of Hierapolis close to the waters of Pamukkale.


For more detailed information please fill the form or check our contact page.

Our Contracted SPA Centers


Sianji Well Being Thermal Resort

Sianji Well-being Thermal Resort brings its achievements crowned with awards, including Europe`s Best Health Tourism Facility Award and World Travel Awards 7-star SPA & Wellness Hotel award, to the top with very special thermal services. It offers unique thermal waters in VIP rooms and indoor thermal pools in a very special concept for the healing of our valued guests.


Limak Thermal Boutique Hotel

Opened as Turkey's first thermal hotel in 1929 according to Atatürk's wishes, "Yalova Thermal Grand Hotel" has been restored true to its original features with the latest techonology. With its new name, it offers the height of luxury and elegance to provide its guests the ultimate health experience in the beautiful forest of Yalova.

deniz yoluyla Meditasyon


With one of the best climates in the world, with a unique variety of nature, as well as one of the healthiest diets in the world, Turkey is the ideal proposal for psychological and physical health and the search for well-being.

Jakuzili Kadın


Turkey is one of the seven countries in the world in terms of thermal source richness with almost 1,500 thermal springs throughout Anatolia. Of course, the existence of seismic faults make Turkey very rich in this aspect.


The temperature of Turkey's hot springs varies between 20-110 degrees Celsius, and their flow is between 2-500 litres per second.


Turkey is using only a small percentage of the country's potential in terms of mineral springs, but today the Ministry of Tourism and private investors are contributing more to spa tourism in Turkey.



Turkey is among the top countries in terms of geothermal potential in the world. There are almost 1,500 hot springs of different flows, temperature and chemical compositions in our country.


The temperature of these natural hot springs varies between 20-110 degrees Celsius, and their flow is between 2-500 litres per second.


Feel like restoring your body and soul? Look no further, let one of Turkey's 1,500 thermal springs find the cure right for you. From the trendiest centers in the world to the oldest, Turkey has it all. See for yourself.

Thermal pool in Denizli,Pamukkale,Turkey


Get fully relaxed and cured in a spot with some of the most thermal resources in the world. Learn all the techniques and natural cures in one of the 1,500 thermal springs in Turkey, where you can restore your body and heal your soul.

Pink oleander lines the edges of the poo


• Balcova Thermal Springs, 

• Cekirge Thermal Springs, 

• Dalyan Mud Bath, 

• Gazligol Thermal Springs, 

• Gonen Thermal Springs, 

• Hamamyolu Thermal Springs, 

• Harlek Thermal Springs, 

• Hudai Thermal Springs.

• Ilica Thermal Springs,

• Ilgin Thermal Springs,

• Kangal Thermal Springs, 

• Karacasu Thermal Springs, 

• Kestanbol Thermal Springs, 

• Kizilcahamam Thermal Springs,

• Kos Thermal Springs,

• Omer and Gocek Thermal Springs, 

• Orucoglu Thermal Springs, 

• Oylat Thermal Springs, 

• Pamukkale and Karahayit Thermal Springs,

• Sakar Thermal Springs, 

• Sultaniye Thermal Springs, 

• Yalova Thermal Springs.

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