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Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Yerdel
Bariatric - Laparoscopic Surgeon

Language: Turkish, English

Dr. Mehmet Ali Yerdel have endoscopic, laparoscopic and stomach over 30 years now. He is specialist in treatments of obesity surgery, reflux, achalasia and stomach diseases. Started in 1991 in Japan his fundamental education of endoscopy, laparoscopic surgery and obesity treatment continued with experience as surgeon and research assistant in Turkey. Dr. Mehmet Ali Yerdel attained in clinical fellow program in England, and U.S. From 1998 when he was achieved his diploma of trainee in Yale University of ‘Advanced Laparascopic Skill Acquisition Program’ and Anti-reflux surgery he continue to treat patient with advanced skills in Istanbul.


1978-1984, graduated from Ankara University Medicine Faculty
1982, Voluntary experience in Northern General Hospital, England
1984-1986, Corum state hospital compulsory services
1986-1987, Ankara Numune hospital research assistant, ordinary graduation

1991 Monbusho scholarship achievement, Japan linguistic education in Hiroshima University

1991-1992, Okayama University research assistant on Abdominal Cancer Surgery and Laparascopic surgery and experimental solid organ transplantation
1993, Ankara University Medicine Faculty, success in U.S speciality exam
1993-1994, Ankara University Medicine Faculty General Surgery U.S speciality surgeon
1994, Ankara Oncology hospital, surgery specialist in 4th policlinic
1994-1995, Ankara University, surgery specialist in U.S framework
1996, Achievement of NATO Science Fellowship Program in Birmingham University, Faculty of Medicine, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, clinical fellow in Hepatobiliary and Kidney transplantation.
1996, General Medical Council registration acceptance and appointment to registrar staff
1997, Achievement of title ‘Docent of General Surgery’
1997-2003, MD in Ankara University, Faculty of Medicine
1998, U.S Yale University General Surgery Department, Laparascopic surgery department training course on ‘Advanced Laparascopic Skill Acquisition Program’ and ‘Anti-reflux surgery’.
1999, France Government Science Scholarship, Paule Brousse Hospital, Prof. Henry Bismuth advance hepatobilier surgical education.
2003-2012, Istanbul Cerrahi hospital president of general surgery department and founder of reflux treatment diagnosis and treatment.
2012- Present:  Private practitioner, founder of Istanbul Bariatrics and Advanced Laparoscopy
2016, Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. Michell Roslin cooperation on post bariatric supportive treatment and complicated obesity surgeries


Turkish Board of General Surgery
General Medical Council of UK
Full Professorship in General Surgery

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