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Medical Tourism Services Ambassadors Program

Join Medical Tourism Services Ambassadors Program and become a long-term partner of us! There is no limit of earnings in our program!

Why will be a partner with Medical Tourism Services?


Earning high-paying commissions

Our partners can starting to get funded for each person who will receive our services. The more revenue you make - the higher commission you get!


Happy Ambassador

We have interaction with most of developed countries in terms of medical tourism, our marketing and sales department do efforts to achieve great results with our partners, number of our international B2B and B2C partnership is rapidly growing!


Expect a high conversion rate

Medical Tourism Services conversion rates are one of the highest among competitors. Thus, you can be assured that your traffic will convert in all GEOs! We will provide you with localized landing pages and selection of creatives and other assets to reach the maximum results.


Get a dedicated account manager

If you are only starting now, don't worry - we got you! We will assign you a dedicated account manager who will assist you in setting up and launching campaigns. Our managers are here to make sure that all your campaigns are successful.

Filming a Video

Who is eligible to become a partner?

Influencers of any platform (Youtube, Instagram, Podcast, Tik Tok) and any size who have a strong desire to work with health and nutrition brands. Affiliates that have blogs, news sites, review or coupons sites, etc. If you are interested in publishing medical, wellness and curative services and earning a remuneration, you are at the right place.

How can you start?

Sign up for our partnership program and start promoting our services on your website or social media channels.
You will receive a commission for each person that will purchases one of Medical Tourism Services programs by using ‘Ambassador Code’ that will given to you.
This is a great way to earn commission per person who received our services in Turkey and help people to learn about medical tourism opportunities the we offer.

Image by Dayne Topkin

Join the Medical Tourism Services Ambassador Program and start to receive incentives!

Turkey's leading hospitals, clinics and doctors are waiting to treat patients from all over the world under the most favorable conditions under your guidance.

Ambrassador Application Form

MTS Ambassador Program Application Form

We are open to new opportunities and collaborations. You can apply for health ambassador program by filling the form.


What should you do for ambassador marketing?

Apply to the partnership program 
Sign our partnership agreement
Receive program content
Contact with your program manager
Get insights and plan your social activities 
Start your interactions on social platforms
Receive media content and advisory
Receive feedbacks form your audience
Attend to informative webinars with doctors

Achieve your monthly targets 
Get your completed work list
Receive your incentives based on provided services
Take part in online events in medical tourism sector


Marketing Tools

Turkey's leading hospitals, clinics and doctors are waiting to treat patients from all over the world under the most favorable conditions under your guidance.

MTS Marketing Tools
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