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Why Turkey for Medical Tourism?

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  • Türkiye was 4 th most visited country in the World with 29.9 million visitors in 2021

  • Türkiye ranked 6 th in the World with USD 26.6 billion tourism receipts in 2021

  • ürkiye ranked 3rd in the World with 529 blue flag awarded beaches in 2022

  • Year-round tourism

  • Proximity to major markets and connectivity

  • Occupancy rate in Istanbul ranked at 2nd place in Europe in 2021

  • Turkiye has a wide range of tourism source markets, protecting it from asymmetrical shocks


  • Prestigious global hospitality brands have presence in Türkiye

  • Successful partnerships with local companies to grow in the region, capitalizing on locals’ experience and networks

  • Turkiye is geographically well situated to attract arrivals from Western and Eastern Europe as well as the Middle East and North Africa region

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  • 51,4 Million visitors in 2022, same level as 2019, recovery from Covid-19.

  • In 2022, 45 million foreign visitors visited Türkiye. As an indicator of full recovery, number of foreign visitors turned back to 2019 levels

  • 46,3 Billion USD tourism receipts in 2022. Highest tourism revenue of Türkiye

  • Contribution of Travel & Tourism to GDP in 2021 was 7.3%

  • 2.42 Million - Employment in tourism sector in 2021. 8.4% of total employment in Türkiye

Finansal rapor

For years, Turkey has been known for its cultural, historic and natural beauties that charm tourists around the world and in recent decade, medical tourism has become another reason why thousands of tourists visit Turkey.

Turkey is one of the five world leaders in health tourism. More and more foreign patients come here to treat diseases. The government is actively developing health tourism, planning to receive 2 million patients from other countries in 2023 and earn over $20 billion. Significant successes have already been achieved in this direction and more than 1 million foreign patients visited Turkish hospitals during the previous year.

With advanced technology in Turkey's health sector and state-of-the-art medical facilities, Turkey has turned into a medical center for tourists from around the world in recent years. In 2018, alone, Turkey provided healthcare for 551,748 patients from 144 different countries, according to the Turkish Healthcare Travel Council. It is being estimated that the cost of receiving quality healthcare in Turkey is 50 to 65 percent lower than in the United States. 

Realizing the potential for health tourism, medical centers and hospitals have become a suitable choice for tourists seeking treatment options from facilities offering good accommodations, the best drugs and much more.


Along with the U.S. and Germany, Turkey is among the top 10 destinations for medical tourism. Turkey offers competitive treatment options for aesthetic treatments, eye surgery and treatment of various other diseases. Tourists often prefer to get plastic surgery here, as well as hair transplants and various other treatments, while enjoying travels in Turkey where they discover the natural and cultural richness of the country at the same time.


There are more than 1,600 state and private hospitals operated by the Turkish Ministry of Health and these hospitals have local and international health certification. Apart from those hospitals, medical centers serving specifically your specific needs have offices worldwide.

1- What should I do first to get medical treatment in Turkey?
-You can send us the current health reports and medical imaging (MR, CT, XRAY) by filling out the form on our web site or by contacting us.
After your report and images are evaluated by our specialist, you will be informed in details about your medical treatment, duration of stay and cost.

2- Can I bring with my accompany?
-We guess that you do not want to be alone during medical treatment, therefore, you can bring your relatives with you, we will gladly prepare suitable accommodation options for you and provide all the services you may need. While our health assistant takes care of you during the treatment, your relatives can see the historical places of Istanbul by evaluating our tours offered, and you can join them when your treatment is over.

3- Can I have online consultation before I come to treatment?
-We organize online interviews with the doctor free of charge for patients who request a second health opinion, so that the questions remaining in the patient's mind can be answered, they can get the chance to get to know the doctor and get all the necessary information about the treatment from the source.

4- When I should make a medical trip?
-After the health program is prepared by us, as a second step, the date of treatment must be determined. When you inform us 1 week before the date you want to come for treatment, all necessary planning will be done by us.

5- If patient is in emergency medical condition ?
-For emergency patients, we provide the necessary air ambulance service and transfer from the airport to the hospital, and manage the necessary emergency surgery and treatment processes. In this case, you should have at hand health and a fit to fly reports.

6- What will happen during my treatment ?
-During the time you are being treated at the hospital, the staff on duty will be with you and assist you in interpreting and transfer whenever you want. Apart from the services provided, additional services can be provided that you may request in line with the needs of your relatives who come to treatment with you.

You can reach your health assistant 24/7 in all processes related to the treatment, and your assistant who will always support you in terms of doctor interviews, medical treatment and reports will not make you feel alone.

7- What about rehabilitation period after treatment ?
-After the end of your treatment, you will receive a recommendation containing all the necessary medical reports and your doctor's views on rehabilitation.
During the healing process in your country, the counseling provided to you will continue, you will be able to do all your health-related questions online by MTS.


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Turkey Basics for International Visitors


Turkey is placed on crossroads between Europe and Asia, Turkey is fascinating country. Country was a someplace for Antic Greeks since 756 B.C, afterward, Persians and Romans thought classical era, In the 11th century, Turkish nomads from Anatolian part, gradually conquered all of Asia Minor, Ottoman Empire conquered Istanbul and exerted influence over of the much of Mediterranean world and bring Islam to southeast Europe. Ottoman Empire fell in 1918, Turkish Republic established after world war II, with the great work of Ataturk, Turkey today transformed in vibrant, modern and secular state.


Capital of Turkey is Ankara with the population of 4.8 million

Major Cities:

Istanbul with 15 million population
Ankara with 4.3 million population
Izmir with 3 million population
Bursa with 3.6 million population
Antalya with 2.4 million population

Climate in Turkey

Turkey is located between the temperate and subtropical climate zones. As a result of Turkey's geographical location and landforms, its climate has led to the formation of different climate types. Thrace climate average is 13.2 Celsius degrees. The majority of precipitation falls in the spring and autumn seasons.

This type of climate is seen in the Mediterranean, Aegean and southern Marmara. However, the characteristics of the Mediterranean climate seen in Marmara are harsher. Summers are hot and dry, winters are mild and rainy. Average heat is 16 Celsius degrees.

In Istanbul, summer term is 28 Celsius in average, and 10 Celsius in Winter term.
In Bodrum, summer term is 28 Celsius in average, and 15 Celsius in Winter term.
In Antalya, summer term is 30 Celicus in average, and 18 Celsius in Winter term.

Visa Requirements:

Visitors are able to visit Turkey with the e-visa that could be obtained on the internet platform. Citizens of countries that have an e-visa agreement with Turkey may apply and get the visa online. For more information on the e-visa for Turkey, see E-visa is only for touristic purposes and does not work for working and stunted visa application as well as medical visa. Visitors can apply for the visa through the Turkish Consulate, for this type of application it is advisable to prepare necessary documents and meet application criteria. We suggest you to begin the application one month before your travel date. To check the list of countries which are required to have visa please visit the link .


Due to its advantageous geographical position, Turkey is lively throughout all seasons, a vibrant destination that brings together tourists from different places of the world. Turkey attracts more than 25 million tourists annually. Visitors can use us dollars in some of vocational areas, but we recommend to exchange your currency or use credit or bank card. Turkey accepts most of the currency transfers and payment network processor.

Airlines Serving Turkey:

Istanbul Airport is awarded as Best Airport in Europe and 17th ACI Europe Awarded organized by the international airport council. Thanks to proactive measures taken awarded consecutively by prestigious institutions and thanks to its proactive measures taken during the period in which the whole world was going through a major challenge with Covid-19 pandemic.

You can find a high range of airlines that fly to Turkey:

British Airways
China Southern Airlines
Air France
Qatar Airways
Scandinavian Airlines
Turkish Airlines
Smartwings Poland
Norwegian Air Shuttle
Ural Airlines
Condor Flugdienst and other flight providers.

Turkey Calling Code:

Turkey international calling code is +90, visitors who would like to call Turkey from United States of America must deal [11] +90 (Number of phone).

Embessies in Turkey:

U.S Embassy in Istanbul
Poligon Mahallesi, Sarıyer Caddesi No:75 İstinye 344460 Sarıyer - Istanbul / Turkey
+90 212 335 90 00
Request form:

Consulate General of Germany
İnönü Caddesi, No 10, 34437, Gumussuyu, Turkey.
+90 212 249 99 20

The all list of Embassy in Turkey and Turkish Embassies in foreign countries are listed at the follow link:

Places to visit in Turkey:

Turkey has a great history of civilization on this geographical area, Ancient Greek Civilization, Roman Empire, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires builded historical and architectural legacy that must be seen on the arrival to Turkey.

There are some of top places you should visit whether it would be touristic or medical visit to Turkey.

1- Hagia Sophia, Built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian in 537 CE, it is renewed as the Byzantine Empire’s greatest architectural project and has remained the world’s largest church for almost 1.000 years.

2- Ephesus city, currently located in the Izmir city is one of the most complete cities of antiquity in the Mediterranean region, this is the place to experience what life must have been like during the golden age of the Roman Empire.

3- The Basilica Cistern was constructed in the Byzantine period for Justinianus I in 527-565 ages. This is one of the biggest underground water reservoir in the world, where used 336 marble columns and 2 of them supported with the Medusa Gorgona heads which attracts tourists.

4- Galata Tower is located in Beyoglu district, built in 1348 with Romanesque style as ‘Tower of Christ’. This construction was highest building in Constantinople at 66,9 m. And used for spotting the fires in the city. Galata tower restoration was made in 1960’s and tower opened to public, building included in World Heritage temporary list in Turkey by UNESCO in 2013.

5- Grand Bazaar is one of favorite touristic places, located in walled city of Istanbul, builded in 1456, is one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world, 61 covered streets and 4.000 shops. Grand Bazaar is listed No:1 tourist attraction with 91.250.000 annual visitors.

6- Dolmabahçe Palace, located in the coastal area of Beşiktaş, builded during the period of Sultan Abdulmecit, after the sea was filled in the 16th century, coastal area where was maritime ceremonies and anchoring place for navy ships, called Dolmabahce which is mean filled garden. The influence of the trend of renewal and modernization of 19th century reflected on the palace construction.


Turkey has significant historical and cultural heritage within modernized structure of the cities, makes Turkey one of preferred countries for tourism. With the developed healthcare structure, accredited hospitals and experienced medical staff is one of the leading destination in medical tourism and thermal tourism. People have a good chance to combine their travels with the medical needs, or find special medical treatment packages with opportunity to discover the city as well. E-Visa application will ease the process of traveling, there is a long list of countries that are exempt of visa requirement. Patient who should have a medical visa, could do their application with the supported documents which can be required from accredited medical tourism agencies or hospitals. Turkey has Mediterranean climate will be a good choice for people who would like to feel 4 seasons, hot, dry summers and cool winters. Turkey is close to European and MEA countries, with at max 4 hours, visitors can arrive to Turkey for their interest, whether it is touristic, medical or business.

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