sait gokhan bircan

Dr. Sait Gökhan Bircan


Dr Sait Gökhan Bircan, is a hair transplant surgeon in Turkey who is certified as a member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) which is a global non-profit medical association and the leading authority on hair loss treatment and restoration.


In 2010, he graduated medical school in Turkey,Istanbul University faculty of medicine and continued his surgery education in Cambridge University Hospital (UK) (2010-2011) in Transplantation Surgery , Pancreatic and Liver Transplantation, and Cornell & Columbia University Hospital (USA) (2011-2012) in General Surgery .


Performing surgeries in Addenbrooke's Hospital and New York Presbyterian Hospital with the leading surgeons of the world, promoted the highest standards of surgery practice and ethics in this industry.   His interest on restoration treatments of aged and deformed tissues started when he was in medical school and so he attended stem cell researches with Professor Ayhan Bilir,MD and worked in his laboratory for years.  


His interest on stem cell treatments, transplantation surgery and hair restoration led him to study and learn the best techniques in this field. Medical organizations in Hair Restoration and congress of ISHRS he attended gave him a forward-looking perspective in hair transplantation and thus enhanced his quality of patient care.  


Dr Sait G Bircan and his team's patient satisfaction and results on FUE and DHI technique hair transplantation for 9 years are valued and thus sought by an expansive international clientele.His clinic is based in the downtown of istanbul, and his researches on developing a new device on FUE technique continues.