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Dr. Selale Derya Jemini
Aesthetic Medicine

Language: Turkish, English, Persian, German

Dr. Shelale Derya Jemiri practice in medicine since 2011, she accept patients in her private clinic. She has a deep knowledge of such procedures as filler injections, toxins, thread lifting, laser procedures, skin rejuvenation and mesotherapy. Derya speaks Persian, English and German. The doctor receives patients in his office, the organization of receptions and operations of international patients is handled by our specialists.

2006, Graduated from Trakya University, Faculty of Medicine, Turkey
2010, Medical internship and residency training
2011 – 2013, MD in Kırklareli State Hospital, Turkey
2016 – 2017, Medical cosmetology Private Dermamed Clinic, Turkey
2017, MD in Private Esha Medical Center
2017 – 2019, MD in Ota Clinic
2019, Cosmetologist in Esteticium
2019, Private practice, Turkey

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