tolgay satana

Opr. Dr. Tolgay Satana

Languages: Turkish, English

Dr. Tolgay Satana is one of the first surgeons in Turkey who started to do minimally invasive, endoscopic spine surgery in his clinic Med-Art in Ankara. Afterward Dr. Tolgay is founder and board member who worked in International Musculoskeletal Laser Society. He worked in Israel, Korea, Indonesia, China, Japan, England, France, Germany, Italy and Brasil with leading endoscopic spine surgeons. Dr. Tolgay Satana is one of the first physicians who started arthroscopic treatment of joints such as elbow, wrist, ankle and hip joints.

1991, Graduated from Ankara University, Turkey
1992 – 1997, Internship in University of Ankara
1997 – 1998, MD speciality in Angara Gazi University, Turkey
1992 – 1997, Observer in Orthopedy and Trauma surgery in University of Gazi, Turkey
2000, Observer in Pediatric and Spine surgery in University of Michigan, USA
2000, Observer in Spine Research Studies in Michigan State University, USA
2000 – 2001, MD in Gaziantep State Hospital, Turkey
2001 – 2002, MD in Gaziantep American Hospital
2002 – 2003, MD in Ankara Hospital
2003 – 2008, MD in Ankara Med Art Medical Center
2008 – 2009, MD in Istanbul Acıbadem Beylikdüzü and International Hospital
2009 – 2010, MD in Istanbul Camlık Hospital
2010 – 2011, MD in Istanbul Safak, Bahcelievler Medical Park
2011, Private practitioner
2016, Lecturer of orthopedic surgery

Turkish Medical Association
EFFORT: European Federation of National Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology
Turkish Orthopedic Surgery and Trauma Association
Turkish Spine Society
IMLAS (Ex. board member)
Asian Academy of Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery
Turkish Joint Diseases Foundation (Ex. board member)
ISMISS (Ex. board member, national representative) /2004 to 2012
ISLAS chairman of Turkish chapter / 2009
WALA board member
WFMISS (board member and vice president) / 2012
Turkmıss (Founder and ex. board member)

Scientific publications:

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS).


Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS)

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS) is being employed predominantly for the treatment of the most frequent pathologies related with disc herniation and foraminal stenosis. The goals of MISS treatments are decreased surgical corridor with smallest inscision harmless any muscle tissues or bone. Disc spaces directly visualised by 7mm enscope (foraminoscope) trought the foramen. It is completely percutaneous procedure, stichless, bloodless could be performed under local/regional anesthesia in dailly surgery. In addition, if any necesarry instabilities beside disc herniation;  (MISS) surgery is to stabilize the vertebral bones with cages same way.