Opr. Dr. Ugur Harputluoglu


Dr. Ugur Harputluoğlu, who was born in Bandırma in 1974, completed his entire education life in Istanbul until he graduated from Marmara University Medical Faculty in 2000. In 2001-2005, he completed Ear-Nose-Throat Specialization at Abant Izzet Baysal University Medical Faculty.
Ugur Harputluoğlu, who completed his military duty as an ENT specialist at the Kyrenia Cyprus Military Hospital, has contributed to the medical world by participating in many scientific studies.

Throughout his career, Dr. Ugur Harputluoğlu has been working as an ENT Specialist in Class A hospitals and still continues his work as an ENT Specialist in his private practice, and he performs his operations in the private hospitals he has contracted with.

Uğur Harputluoğlu brought his patients to health with hundreds of successful operations in his career.

Membership :

Ear Nose Throat Head Neck Surgery Association.
Facial Plastic Surgery Association

Medical Area of Interest:

Endoscopic sinus surgery



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5 domestic written or oral papers.



Rhinoseptoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty is one of leading branches in aesthetic surgery direction. Nowadays it is very popular surgical treatment for recovery of breathing problems and do correction of the nose shape to embrace a new look of your face. Nose is one of very important organs of our face that identifying how do we look and more importantly as a part of respiratory system help us to healthy breath oxygen.