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Robotic Surgery Treatment for
Endometrial Cancer

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Endometrial surgical treatments done by highly profiled professionals in qualified clinics. Minimally invasive methodology and high success rate of surgery makes Turkey leading destination in medical tourism. Gynecologic cancer treatments in Turkey gives chances to patients to see historical places and architectural heritage of Roman and Ottoman Empire.

Endometrium cancer occurs from endometrium layer that lining the inside of the uterus. In this disease symptoms are unusual bleeding that happens specially after menopause period and abnormal bleedings of woman who are in reproductive age.

Which patients are under the risk of endometrial cancer?

Patients who have obesity, cholesterol metabolism disorders, long period of uncontrolled hormone usage, heredity and genetic syndromes are under the risk of development of endometrial cancer.

What are endometrial cancer diagnostic methods?

Women whose carry risk factors and show sings of excessive bleedings should have a biopsy from inside the uterus. Biopsy should be done with curettage or hysteroscopy method use camera that investigates internal parts of uterus.

What are treatment options of endometrial cancer?

Main endometrium cancer treatment is surgery. Surgical period continues with uterus, ovaries and lymph nodes dissection. If necessary, radiotherapy or chemotherapy can be given according to the samples that taken for the pathological evaluation afterward surgery

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What are the factors that affect success of endometrial cancer treatment ?

Treatment success rate is 100% in endometrium cancer, especially for the patients who have applied in the early stage of disease.

Does chemotherapy and radiotherapy necessary to be applied after surgical treatment of endometrial cancer?

Main approach in endometrium cancer treatment is dissection of uterus and ovaries. Decision making process for chemotherapy and radiotherapy depends on pathological criteria. It may be applicable of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments to the patients who have risk of cancer recurrence in the future.

Is it possible to have a child after endometrial cancer treatment?

For endometrium cancer treatment, uterus and ovaries should be taken. Thus, patients who have endometrium cancer diagnosis and had surgical treatment losses their chance to childbirth.

How is planned post-surgical follow up process?

Follow up process for patients who had endometrial cancer treatment scheduled for the first 2 years with the periods of every 3 months. During follow up process, physician check sample with a similar to the smear test from the vaginal cuff area, which used to be the region where the uterus was located. Moreover, it is beneficial to use screening methods such as ultrasonography and tomography during follow up of patients.

Laporoscopic Endometrium Cancer Surgery

  • Orthopedist consultation

  • 3 days of hospitalization in private chamber

  • Accompany accommodation in hospital

  • Pre-surgical tests

  • Medicines and expandable materials

  • Laparoscopic Endometrium surgery under anesthesia

  • Final examination

  • Total stay in Istanbul for 10 days

  • Hotel accommodation for 6 nights in 5 star hotels

  • Assistance services for your medical journey

Full Package

Surgery Theatment



Guidance Services


Procedures costs are take maximized, based on individual requirements and examination may change


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