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Minimally Invasive Obesity Surgery

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Medical Tourism Services accept patients for bariatric surgery and respond to international demands of medical tourism in Turkey. International partnerships with leading bariatric centers in the world and MTS cooperation with highly qualified specialist makes it possible to receive a valuable medical treatment in short time and with high standards.

Today for the patients whose have problems with obesity modern medicine provides minimally invasive solutions. Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy is most popular bariatric operation in the world. LGS surgery is effective for weight loss and have improvements and even resolution of co-morbidities like diabetes type 2. Minimally invasive bariatric surgery minimalize hospitalization and recovery of the patients. Most of the weight loss achieved in the first 2 years following operation (70% excess weight loss for BMI index less than 50). At 5 years, there is sustained weight loss in the range of 50 - 60 % of excess weight.

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What is minimally invasive obesity surgery?

Laparascopic bariatric surgery performed by 5 or 6 small incisions in the abdomen and performing procedure using a video camera and long instruments for surgery. During surgery about 75% of the stomach is removed leaving a narrow gastric tube. In laparascopic gastric sleeve surgery no intestines are removed or bypassed. LGS surgery takes only one or two hours to complete.

What should be do patients with 35 BMI or higher?

According to data 39% of people in the world faces obesity, obesity surgery in 21st century performed by minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques which is lead to less hospitalization and fast recovery. Body Mass Index is important factor to perceive patients obesity level. BMI leads doctor to see the level of obesity besides muscle bulk.



You can see BMI levels as follows:

Obesity class 1:  30 - 35
Obesity class 2: 35 - 39
Obesity class 3: >40

People who have higher than 35 BMI index are suitable patients for Gastric sleeve or Gastric bypass surgeries.

Criteria of patients selection for obesity surgery

Patients with higher BMI rates as 35 / 40 who have associated obesity complications, such as diabetes type 2 or apnoea. Patients who reasonable attempts to weight loss by diet programs. Patients in ages between 18 and 65. Patients with no drug dependency problems. Capacity to understand the risks and commitment associated with the surgery. Patients with no anticipation of pregnancy in the first year following surgery.

Minimally invasive bariatric surgery advantages

Regarding scientific research made by W.E.Weller and Carl Rosati where compared 2 groups of patients in result, LGS surgery shows less hospitalization and complications rates.

Minimal Invasive Obesity Surgery

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

  • Surgion consultation

  • Hospitalization for 3 day in private chamber

  • Accompany accommodation in hospital

  • Pre surgical tests

  • Medicines and expandable materials

  • Gastric sleeve surgery under anesthesia

  • Final examination

  • Total stay in Istanbul for 7 days

  • Hotel accommodation for 3 nights in 5  star  hotels

  • Assistance services for your medical journey

Full Package

Surgery Theatment



Guidance Services


Procedures costs are take maximized, based on individual requirements and examination may change


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