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Cardiology & Cardiovascular Surgery in Turkey 

Turkish healthcare system and opportunities competes with other countries such as US, EU, and England. The current statistics show patient can receive less expensive cardiovascular treatment in Turkey. The current statistics show that medical tourism in Turkey is one of competitive in the world and treatment costs are lower compared to other countries. Turkish cardiac surgeons are able to perform the most complicated hearth procedures including open heart surgery, minimally invasive heart by pass operation, aortic valve replacement, myectomy and other innovative surgical procedures that performed in A class operational rooms and assisted by professional medical crew.

Patients receives holistic services starting from first touch upon rehabilitation period, our specialist provides for interested patients online physician interviews and side service options just before they do decision to have medical treatment in Turkey. While our assistants easing burden patients decision making regarding of physicians, services and facilities, organizational issues, coordination and others we make holistic approach and do all needed arrangements before patients come to Turkey.


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