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Organic Method on the Hair Transplantation


This medical direction is well know worldwide, Turkey is a leader country for hair transplantation. Thus, many patients coming to Turkey for medical tourism purposes.


Organic hair transplantation is a new method preferred for patients with an advanced hair loss. Within the hair transplantations, stromal injections lead to rejuvenation of hair follicles. According University of Pennsylvania scientific research found that stromal injections helps to regenerate dying hair follicles and reverse hair loss.


Patients with advanced-stage boldness could prefer this  method this method that applied with micro stromal injections helps to fast recovery after hair transplantation, create more natural effects and regenerate hair grows of existing and transplanted follicles.


Turkey is a leading country with professional hair transplantation specialists accredited by ISHRS, costs of hair transplantations are much suitable for international patients from European countries, U.S, and Arabic countries as well.

You can find the best hair transplantation solutions with FUE and DHI methods, supporting organic methods for the most effective results.


As a result of contacting through the channels of our partners, you receive a transplant service using DHI and FUE hair transplant methods at the same price, the package includes a VIP transfer service, assistance of English-speaking staff throughout the treatment.

What to do before arriving in Istanbul?

1- The patient is advised to send photographs of the head from different angles for the preparation of a second medical opinion by the hair transplant specialist.

2- The patient is informed about the procedure.

3- After a positive decision, it will be enough for the patient to send a passport and air tickets to reserve a package of services.

4- A specialist of the Medical Tourism Services company will contact you throughout the entire stage.


1st day

Arriving at the airport of Istanbul, you will be met and you will go to the hotel. After check-in, you will be taken for a consultation and procedure. The trans-plantation will take from 4 to 6 hours depending on the level of alopecia.
After the procedure, the areas are treated and sterilized and the patient is taken to the hotel.

2nd day

The patient is in a free mode, after breakfast, if desired, he can go on excursions to the historical sites of the old city and see the architecture of Byzantium and the Ottoman Empire.
You can get the necessary information on personal tours of Istanbul with us.

old bazaar
prp hair treatment

3rd day

The patient is sent for a control examination by a doctor, then the PRP procedure is carried out, which, thanks to the growth factors that are in platelets, stimulate hair follicles and strengthen the roots.

The patient is washed the head and given a special shampoo, after which the car takes the patient to the Airport.

Hair transplant methods

• FUE is the most common hair transplant method. It is performed manually with medical instruments.
In the first stage of the FUE procedure, hair follicles are removed from the donor area from the patient's area and distributed for transplantation, which affects about 10% reduction in hair density in the donor area.

The second stage consists in the formation of channels in the baldness area for the placement of grafts.
At the third stage, the removed grafts are placed into the canals that are open during the procedure.

DHI is a hair transplant method that has become popular since 2016, the procedure is similar in stages to the FUE method, the difference in the method is a special 'Choi Pen', which transplants follicles directly from the scalp without the need to open the channels, which promotes faster healing, the handle promotes regulation of the choice of hair growth and more frequent placement of grafts.

Short Info

After graduating from Istanbul Medical University in 2010-2011, he studied at Cambridge University in liver and pancreas transplantation. He has also performed surgeries at Addedbrooke's Hospital and New York Presbyterian Hospital with leading surgeons from around the world who have been raised to the highest standards of surgical and ethical practice in their respective industries. His interest in organic hair transplantation and hair restoration led him to research and study the best techniques in this field. Hair restoration medical organizations and the ISHRS congress he attended provided to doctor a further respective in the direction in the direction of hair transplantations and thus improved the quality of the work.

Organic Hair Transplantation

  • Surgeon consultation

  • Outpatient procedure + transfers

  • Pre-surgical tests

  • Stromal micro injections

  • Medicines and expandable materials

  • Hair transplantation under anesthesia

  • Final examination

  • Total stay in Istanbul for 3 days

  • Hotel accommodation for 2 nights in 5 star hotels

  • Assistance services for your medical journey

Full Package

Surgery Theatment



Guidance Services


Procedures costs are take maximized, based on individual requirements and examination may change


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